Sensory Fun @ Home with Baby E

These past few weeks I’ve had a ton of fun playing at home with Baby E. It’s hard to think of things to do with a 7-month-old. We do have play dates, we go to the library, story time and run errands. We take walks and read stories. We play with toys and jump in the bouncer. We still run out of fun things to do! So my best friend, who happens to be the World’s Best Teacher and Child Development Expert, came over one Saturday and we created some awesome things for Ella to play with.  The best part? It was very little money and you can create the things we did with stuff around your house. 

First we made some sensory boards. Baby E has LOVED touching different textures. We hot glued a bunch of different textures to a foam board. We included fabrics, beads, and some shiny things. Things like sandpaper and pom poms (just make sure they can’t be pulled off) work great, too! Here are some pics of Baby E playing with her sensory board.










Baby E also LOVES music! So we decided to make some homemade musical instruments. We found some small plastic containers on clearance at Michaels. We filled them with different items I found around the house like rice, pasta, coins, beans, and glitter. We’ve had MANY hours of family fun during music time. 








Baby E has also been pulling my hair like crazy. Her Abuela gave her a doll and she pulls her doll’s hair out. So we found this neat idea online. We hot glued the end of a ribbon into a travel wipes container and then stuffed the rest of it in there. Then, we let her pull it out to her heart’s content. 





We also filled a ziplock bag with hair gel and a bunch of little erasers and glitter to make her a sensory bag. We found that on pinterest. 




Here some of our favorite books about texture:

Fuzzy Fuzzy Fuzzy by Sandra Boynton

THat’s not my Dolly by Fiona Watt

Pat the Bunny by Dorothy Kunhart

Spiky Slimy Smooth by Jane Brocket


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One thought on “Sensory Fun @ Home with Baby E

  1. Haha you are so funny! But yessssss this worked so well, and she looks SOOOOO happy! Not to mention all her sensory developmental needs are being met 😉

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