Technology Thursday

Technology for Children?!

Is your child obsessed with your ipad, phone, e-reader? Well here’s a cool tech device for young children. The LeapFog TAG Reading System. This is a pen that reads books to your children. They use the pen to touch words and they can hear the book that sitting on their laps in front of them.

I love this gadget because I think it’s great for Moms who need a few minutes to make dinner or get something done and don’t want to sit their children in front of the tv. It gives your child the cool factor of a gadget and the educational factor of hearing a story. Also, it’s affordable. The reader itself is about $35. Then you can get the books in bundles for around $50-89 (6-8books- so it’s around $10/book.

That’s my Technology Thursday device of the week! Enjoy!

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