Kick stuffy old library stereotypes to the curb!

“We have worked hard to ensure that libraries aren’t frozen in time,” Anne Kozak, director of Chicago Public Library, said in an article in the Chicago Tribune which we loved! We agree! Libraries aren’t frozen in time! We’re  hip! Here’s the article. It has some great ideas for your library. We’ve done the stuffed animal sleepover here and it was a huge hit! Watch the Video!

On the same note…

Yesterday morning I was thinking about how much learning and play occurs in the Children’s room of the library. We are a Family Place library (for more info go to and we have a nice free play space in our children’s room with a train table, puppet stage, and art table. We have blocks, Lego’s and books all together. Lots of play happens here! Parents meet here and have playdates.  We don’t do any shushing in the Children’s Room! (If you’ve been shushed in our Children’s Room- see me) Play happens right next to books which gives children a great association with reading and it helps them incorporate books into their play. So much research has come out about learning through play! Go here to read some.

If libraries want to stay relevant, then we need to open up our children’s areas for free play to happen. They have free play places at fast food restaurants, how much better to have them in the safe and educational environment of your library?

How can you do it? Start small. Add something simple, like a puppet stage (if you’re not working in a library but just interested in something new to do with your children- make one at home). Puppets encourage all kinds of free play, sharing, imagining and fun. You can ask patrons to donate puppets or make them out of paper bags or old socks. Don’t have the funds to purchase a puppet stage? Make your own! Here’s a great idea I found online for making your own. We made one at the library a few summers ago and we decorated ours with stickers.

At our library, we bought our puppet stage and puppets from US Toy.

Here’s the cutest little giraffe sock puppet to make if you’re feeling ambitious!

Here are my favorite sock  stories:

One Shoe Blues, starring B.B. King by Sandra Boynton

Sally and the Purple Socks by Lisze Bechtold

Timothy Cox will Not Change his Socks by Robert Kinerk.

Keep making noise!

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