Make some noise.

Welcome to mssaramakingnoise. This is a library blog. However, since libraries are about people, it’s a people blog. Mainly a blog for the youngest people we meet; the children, and the grown ups who work with them.

Libraries are usually quiet places. However, when children are involved, quiet is not always better. When children are making noise they are often learning. This blog is in existence to encourage Youth Services Librarians to take risks for their youngest patrons and to use (shamelessly steal) all the ideas published here to better serve our children. We know children learn through play, and what better place for these things to coexist than the library?

It’s also important to advocate for your public library. Make noise in your community about what your library does and what you can do to keep it running. That’s what Ms. Sara intends to do with this blog. Make some noise in the library and make some noise in the community about what’s happening there.

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One thought on “Make some noise.

  1. amy p on said:

    i am SO excited about this 🙂 you rock- use this and get it out there. ❤ amy

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